Priority 1: Reduce the Cost of Housing & the Extent of Homelessness

Many people can’t afford to live in San Jose because It costs way too much. Housing is too expensive whether you’re a homeowner seeking to buy or a renter scraping by. San Jose’s housing shortage is the greatest threat to our city’s future. Meanwhile, the high cost of housing is forcing more and more people into homelessness.

Having spent nearly a decade working in-depth on housing & homeless issues, I have practical plans composed of 6 pillars for addressing these overlapping issues.

Pillar 1: Travel Upstream to Better Solve Problems
Pillar 2: Protect Vulnerable Renters
Pillar 3: Build More Housing, Especially Affordable Housing
Pillar 4: Guarantee Housing Benefits the Whole Community
Pillar 5: Assist Our Homeless Neighbors
Pillar 6: Measurable Results & Accountability

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