The median income for a single person in our County in 2023 is $126,900! That means some people are doing quite well here, which is great. Yet so many people in our community are barely scraping by. As prosperous as San Jose is, in recent years, research shows it has become one of the most unequal places in the nation. When so many people have so little, it’s bad for all of us. It rips apart the social harmony of our community. Moreover, government policies are set up so that it makes it hard for everyone to prosper. I believe this is causing many of our city’s challenges. A key way to build a community for all of us is to make sure we share the prosperity of this wonderful place that has allowed so many of us to thrive. It will make life better for all of us. 


Pillar 1: Economic Fairness
Pillar 2: Social Equality & Access 
Pillar 3: Housing Affordability

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