Alex’s family is deeply connected to this community:

Alex's family has always inspired him to a life of service; helping others is in his blood. On both his mother’s and father’s sides, Alex comes from a family of teachers, doctors, & mental health workers who have been in Santa Clara Valley since before it was known as Silicon Valley. 

On his mother’s side, Alex’s grandparents Douglas and Justine Duckham moved to unincorporated Santa Clara County in 1950 with Alex’s mom, Laurie. Justine Duckham gave birth to their second child, Dewey (Jeffrey) in 1951 at San Jose Hospital, who would later complete his medical residency at this same hospital in the 1980s. 

A lifelong San Jose Kiwanis Club member, Alex’s grandfather Doug worked in the insurance industry from 1950 until retiring 30 years later. He had several offices in his career, all in San Jose, including one on The Alameda and Asbury St. 

Alex’s grandmother Justine re-entered the workforce in 1971, joining the Santa Clara County Social Services Department. She trained eligibility workers and worked closely with the newly arriving Vietnamese community. 

In 1983, Alex’s Mom Laurie Duckham-Shoor went into private practice as a psychologist in San Jose. She started her career sharing an office on Forest Avenue across from O'Connor Hospital with her father-in-law, Mervyn Shoor, a psychiatrist. As her practice grew, she moved to other offices in Los Gatos and San Jose, the last across from Good Samaritan Hospital. Receiving her BA from Smith College and her Ph.D. from Stanford, Laurie retired in 2002.


Fun District 6 fact: Alex’s parents had their second date in 1965 at the Garden Theater on Lincoln Avenue when they went to go see The Beatles movie “Help!”


On his father’s side, Alex’s grandparents Enid Olivi and Mervyn Shoor met as undergraduate students at Stanford. They moved to an unincorporated area of Santa Clara County with their three children in 1958, when Mervyn took a position as a psychiatrist for Santa Clara County’s mental health department. In 1962, he began a private practice in psychiatry on Bascom Ave in San Jose and later moved to Forest Avenue, until his retirement in 1990. The Santa Clara County court system frequently appointed Mervyn as an expert witness to evaluate the legal sanity of accused criminals. He was also appointed to the Juvenile Justice Commission of Santa Clara County and served for many years. Mervyn Shoor was a member of Temple Emanu-El in San Jose for over thirty years. Over her long career in the public school system, Enid served as a foreign language teacher, ESL teacher, a school administrator. 

Mervyn and Enid Shoor's families had many ties to San Jose. Alex’s great-grandmother, Sadie Zimet, immigrated to San Jose in the 1890s. Mervyn also had a cousin, Joe Singer, who was an optometrist in San Jose. Enid Shoor's godmother, Angie Artana, lived in a house on the Alameda where Enid often visited. 

Alex’s Dad, Stanford Shoor, attended Stanford University and Stanford Medical School (yes, Stanford went to Stanford!). When he completed his training, he became a physician at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara and remained there for 28 years. After retiring from Kaiser, he became a clinical professor at Stanford University, where he still works today.