Op Ed: We Need Upstream Public Policy


I have been in the community doing the work rather than caught up in institutions just talking about it.

Some of my highlighted accomplishments are:

1. Establishing the Rose Garden Farmers Market in 2018
2. Naming a street after President Barack Obama in 2021
3. Co-Founding nonprofit organization Catalyze Silicon Valley in 2017

After serving 4 years as the Executive Director of Catalyze SV and 8 years as a City of San Jose Housing & Community Development Commissioner, I'm ready to bring my passion for public service, commitment to the community, policy ideas, and entrepreneurial experience to District 6 and the San Jose City Council.

My approach is upstream policymaking, meaning solving issues earlier before they get worse. As City Councilmember, my homelessness plan includes addressing root causes – preventing evictions; permanent supportive housing; safe and centralized locations to provide services; and better mental health services.