Homelessness and housing insecurity are shown to negatively impact physical and mental health, education, and other key factors. Addressing the housing crisis will particularly benefit African Americans, Latinos, women, children, families, and other vulnerable populations.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Extend Interim Housing
Sanctioned Encampments
Mental Health Care


Permanent Supportive Housing: With 96% of folks in permanent supportive housing still housed a year later, San Jose needs to double down on this solution by advocating more homes per project throughout San Jose because the best long-term solution to homelessness is more homes.

Extend Interim Housing: Expanding upon city staff’s recommendation, we should enable unhoused residents to extend stays in emergency interim housing with supportive services (such as tiny home villages) longer than a few months. I propose up to 2 years. Kicking someone back out onto the streets doesn’t help anyone.

Sanctioned Encampments: Many of our homeless neighbors live along trails, sidewalks, and creeks, creating major health, safety, and environmental concerns. To address these overlapping issues, I propose creating clean, safe, open, and monitored places for unhoused people called sanctioned encampments that can be a  “first step” to help homeless people return to housing. Sanctioned encampments should:

  • Create centralized locations for providing vital services like mental health counseling and housing assistance Provide toilets, showers, and dumpsters to dispose of trash properly
  • Include the regular presence of San Jose community service officers
  • Allow unhoused residents to live in a safe environment while maintaining their  belongings and dignity
  • Be spread out in different parts of San Jose simultaneously and rotate through council districts every few years
  • Be ideally located near government services and/or transit
  • Work in partnership with other entities to be located on privately donated or public land owned by the City or other government agencies like Valley Water, VTA, Santa Clara County, the state, and the federal government.


Mental Health Care:  Many homeless people living on our streets need mental healthcare. I support CARE Courts, a last-resort measure that treats folks with untreated severe mental health conditions who may be unable to help themselves. We need the County to begin implementing this as funding becomes available.