Ensure Vibrant, Mixed-Use Neighborhoods
Remove Cars from Trails
Smarter Street Design
No Rogue Vehicles
Camera Footage to Fine Speeding Cars or Catch Criminals



Ensure Vibrant, Mixed-Use Neighborhoods: Crimes are often about a moment of opportunism when no one is around at a given moment. Building mixed-use neighborhoods means bringing homes closer to businesses, offices, and green spaces. This means there are always more neighbors, workers, shop owners, and customers around to watch out for each other. These types of neighborhoods can also better protect bicyclists and pedestrians while creating a vibrant sense of place. A city is safest when there are more good guys with “eyes on the street” than bad guys. As I have done as an advocate through Catalyze SV for many years, I will consistently urge that new developments in District 6 and citywide be designed with a mix of uses to keep our neighborhoods lively and safe. 


Remove Cars from Trails: I’ve spoken to countless residents of all backgrounds who no longer feel safe bicycling, walking, or running on our fantastic trail system. One reason is the number of people living along our trails, as stated in my Priority 1, Pillar 5 regarding sanctioned encampments. The other is the presence of cars on trails. Cars belong on roads, not trails. I will propose the City pass a zero-tolerance policy for any unauthorized vehicles along our trail system. Any car that is stationary on a city trail will be moved to a designated area within 15 minutes or towed to a safe parking location. 


Smarter Street Design: The way we design streets has a direct impact on our ability to protect the most vulnerable in our community, including pedestrians, bikers, women, children, the homeless, people of color, mentally unwell people, disabled people, and anyone at night. Our neighbors deserve to walk the streets and use public transportation without fearing violence from preying criminals or out-of-control cars. I propose the following to make streets safer:

  • Streets that have enough bright lighting at night
  • Erecting more traffic calming measures on city streets to reduce speeding, such as
    • Speed humps or bumps on residential streets where speeding occurs
    • Roundabouts (traffic circles) to calm dangerous intersections
    • Flashing crosswalks to protect pedestrians, especially at night
  • Protected intersections for the safety of bicyclists
  • Raised bike lanes like Santa Clara County is implementing along Lawrence Expressway.
  • Speed up implementation that allows pedestrians to get a head start crossing through an intersection (also known as “leading pedestrian interval”).


No Rogue Vehicles: If you’re like me, you get distracted and annoyed – not to mention you can’t hear anything else because of the excessive noise – when a loud car with its muffler removed or minimized whizzes by. Excessive noise can be bad for our health and our environment. Even worse: how unsafe we feel when we’re walking or biking and come to an intersection where we can’t make eye contact with a driver because their entire front windows are shaded black. In both cases, I propose San José pass and enforce laws so that law enforcement and code enforcement can issue tickets to both the drivers who outfit their vehicles with these unsafe, unhealthy modifications, as well as the businesses who alter them. 


Camera Footage to Fine Speeding Cars or Catch Criminals: I support the recent deployment of cameras along public roads in San José to make our streets safer. If promising results hold, I welcome additional cameras across our city. Too often, speeding vehicles lead to the deaths of people walking and biking. We know the most dangerous streets where these deaths are most likely to occur. So I support the recent deployment of cameras that snap photos of drivers speeding and fine them, especially since such cameras have been found to reduce speeding by 73% in one city where they are deployed. I also support the recent deployment of automatic license plate readers, which the San José Police Department cites as aiding them in catching those who steal cars and commit other crimes.