Priority 3: Advance Sustainability to Preserve our Environment


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Priority 3: Advance Sustainability to Preserve our Environment


There I am in one of my favorite places in my district and all of San Jose - the Municipal Rose Garden! A park filled with grand Redwood trees, an array of aromatic roses, open space, and a diverse collection of people. A place where we're able to continually build community. 

Yet not every San Joséan is so lucky to have a place like this in their neighborhood. That's not right. We have to find more ways in our city to connect with nature and ensure we have quality air, land, and water. Whether it's city parks, street trees, public transportation, or sustainable energy, our future depends on us acting now.

So today, I'm sharing another of my top priorities for protecting our environment:



My plans in this area are broken down into 3 pillars:

Pillar 1: Advance Sustainability
Pillar 2: More Trees, Better Parks & Lots of Open Space
Pillar 3: A More Dynamic, Valuable Transportation System

This is the 3rd of my 6 top priorities I'll focus on as your councilmember. I'll continue releasing weekly another priority filled with in-depth proposals and ideas for how to implement them. 

In case you missed the other priorities I've released:



If you haven't already, I ask that you please join our dedicated team. In a grassroots campaign like ours, every dollar raised, door knocked, and day engaged makes a difference. 

As always, reach out to me at [email protected]  with questions or feedback on my plans.