Tied to our economic and social inequality is the low quantity and high cost of housing. The system that people rely on for housing - whether it be home ownership, renting, or supportive housing - has faults that can reinforce systemic discrimination. According to the 2023 Point In Time report, Santa Clara County has approximately 9,903 people experiencing homelessness and a disproportionate percentage are people of color compared to the general population. 26% of the homeless population report that rent or mortgage assistance could have prevented their homelessness, and 57% say their primary barrier to permanent housing is that they cannot afford rent.


My full plan regarding the housing and homelessness crisis can be found under Priority 1. My plan consists of 6 pillars:

Pillar 1: Travel Upstream to Better Solve Problems
Pillar 2: Protect Vulnerable Renters
Pillar 3: Build More Housing, Especially Affordable Housing
Pillar 4: Guarantee Housing Benefits the Whole Community
Pillar 5: Assist Our Homeless Neighbors
Pillar 6: Measure Results to Ensure Accountability

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