Alex's 6 Priorities

Priority 1: Reduce the Cost of Housing & the Extent of Homelessness

Many people can’t afford to live in San Jose because It costs way too much. Housing is too expensive whether you’re a homeowner seeking to buy or a renter scraping by. San Jose’s housing shortage is the greatest threat to our city’s future. Meanwhile, the high cost of housing is forcing more and more people into homelessness.

Having spent nearly a decade working in-depth on housing & homeless issues, I have practical plans composed of 6 pillars for addressing these overlapping issues.

Pillar 1: Travel Upstream to Better Solve Problems
Pillar 2: Protect Vulnerable Renters
Pillar 3: Build More Housing, Especially Affordable Housing
Pillar 4: Guarantee Housing Benefits the Whole Community
Pillar 5: Assist Our Homeless Neighbors
Pillar 6: Measurable Results & Accountability

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Priority 2: Safer Streets & Smarter Approaches to Crime and Public Safety

We all rely on public safety as the foundation that enables us to live together in a community. My plan for public safety includes smart, fiscally responsible, community-centered strategies to ensure our streets and neighborhoods are safe. 

Pillar 1: Smarter Policing
Pillar 2: Safer Streets & Neighborhoods
Pillar 3: Trust and Accountability

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Priority 3: Advance Sustainability to Preserve our Environment

There’s no question that global warming / climate change is the most important environmental issue we’ll have to address. We must do more to conserve our resources and use them more sustainably. I want to make San Jose the greenest city in America!

Pillar 1: Advance Sustainability
Pillar 2: More Trees, Better Parks & Lots of Open Space
Pillar 3: A More Dynamic, Valuable Transportation System 

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Priority 4: Growing & Celebrating District 6 Neighborhoods & San José

San Jose needs a jolt in the arm to revitalize our local small businesses, fill up our empty storefronts,  enliven our commercial streets, and celebrate our city’s history and culture. I plan to lead initiatives that celebrate our community’s diversity, increase local pride, and spur economic growth that benefits all residents.

Pillar 1: Growing Small Businesses
Pillar 2: Celebrating Our City

I plan to continue celebrating these places, as I have a record of:

  • I launched the effort to bring a farmers market back to Midtown San Jose, which opened in the Rose Garden at Lincoln High School in 2018
  • As a Shasta / Hanchett Park Neighborhood Association Board member, I made the motion to dedicate $400 to paint rainbow crosswalks on The Alameda.
  • I initiated the successful effort to rename a street in San Jose after America’s first black president, Barack Obama Blvd. 
  • I shepherded the process to create and make available apparel with designs that celebrate iconic places in San Jose, including the Rose Garden, Alum Rock Park, Mt. Hamilton, & Japantown

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Priority 5: A City for All of Us Means More Shared Prosperity

The median income for a single person in our County in 2023 is $126,900! That means some people are doing quite well here, which is great. Yet so many people in our community are barely scraping by. As prosperous as San Jose is, in recent years, research shows it has become one of the most unequal places in the nation. When so many people have so little, it’s bad for all of us. It rips apart the social harmony of our community. Moreover, government policies are set up so that it makes it hard for everyone to prosper. I believe this is causing many of our city’s challenges. A key way to build a community for all of us is to make sure we share the prosperity of this wonderful place that has allowed so many of us to thrive. It will make life better for all of us. 

Pillar 1: Economic Fairness
Pillar 2: Social Equality & Access 
Pillar 3: Housing Affordability

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Priority 6: Transparent, Accountable, Inclusive, & Innovative Government

I believe government can make our lives better when it is run right.

Pillar 1: Run a Responsive & Accessible District 6 Office
Pillar 2: Support an Innovative & Accountable City Government

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