This campaign is grassroots, powered by people who care

Thank you to the following people who volunteer significant time


Elysa Gurman
Campaign Manager

Noelle Boesenberg
Senior Advisor

Rhea Munoz
Events Director

Alex Dersh
Field Advisor

Jennifer Tonnis
Research Manager

Alan Williams
Yard Sign Manager

Ainsley Zapata
Campaign Intern

Kathryn Lytle
Campaign Intern

Tanya Dutta
Campaign Intern

Melinda Berlant
Canvass Captain

Matthew Marting
Super Canvasser

Jeff Houston
Super Canvasser

Gayle Boesch
Super Volunteer

Stephanie Hughes
Super Volunteer

Anthony Le

Collin Mitchell
Copy Editor

Stan & Laurie Shoor

Vito & Shadow


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Currently looking for: Volunteer Manager, Fundraising Manager, Youth Outreach Manager, and more!